Kevin "KD" Wilson as

Acute Nitro


Superpower:  Mentally and physically strong. He can generate explosive power by concentration or running.

Nate Dever as

Mr. A1C


Superpower: Ability to control his blood sugar through diet and exercise. He inspires others with Type 1 Diabetes while serving as a role model to young T1D's. Fighting off diabetic complications one day at a time.


A1C is not only an acronym for Airman First Class, it is also the measurement that T1D's use to gauge their blood sugar over periods of time to get a better understanding of their diabetic health.

Jimmese Clark as



Superpower: Endurance, heavy lifting, and cardio vascular strength. An IT Analyst by day, by night she fights the good fight of living a healthy lifestyle by helping unsuspecting victims gain health and fitness knowledge.

Sam Spence as



Superpower: An 8th grade physical science teacher by day. He has the power to teach high levels of science. Uses science to encourage all to live a healthy lifestyle.

Demetrius Cooper as

Steel Thorn


Superpower: Strength. A steel bar is used. Leaves his trademark rose after defeating obesity.

Leah Graham as

Gym Boss


Superpower: Leading and persuading others to maintain a healthy lifestyle, naturally by example. Uses music, time and her floating clipboard.

The Physique Heroes raised

more than $2,900 for

The American Cancer Society!

Photo by Ed Bowen

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